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Sunday, September 10, 2006

My skills list

This is the list of skills that i have.. i post it here if ever anyone interested on using it to both side benefits.

  • Web Programming
  • Web Designing
  • Image Layouting
  • Image editing
  • Logo Design
  • Poster Design
  • T-shirt design and prints
  • Photo editing
  • Photography
  • Creating Interactive Company profile in flash
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Translating english to indonesian and indonesian to english
  • Wedding invitation Design
  • Teach Classical guitar (1st level to 4th level)
  • Teach Bass guitar
  • Design cover album (cd's - dvd's)
  • Teach how to create Website
  • Teach how to design a website
  • Teach how to learn graphic design and editing
  • Teach Leadership and Teamwork
  • Coach a choir
  • Teach introduction about Forex (foreign exchange)
  • Bake a Whole Wheat Bread
  • more to come...

Trade with a scholarship

Will anyone trade my skills for a scholarship at Lasierra University ?
I want to take Master in Management Marketting
Please let me know your offer...

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another Inspiration

This is a really nice story i found about someone that has exactly the same vision and give me another inspiration... by: Matthew Haughey

I wish this story will inspire u as well..

For the love of bartering

I've been building sites for ten years now, but these days I'm lucky enough that I don't have to take on client projects to pay the bills. Back when I did, I always had a love-hate relationship with my clients and the work. I spent a lot of late nights away from my family and my own projects but it also paid fairly well but then again every once in a while a project would go way over my budgeted time and I'd take a loss on it. more...

Barter it with a smile

I barter this fully flash interactive wedding invitation, can also be stored as website and an autorun inside a cd.. with their smile and appreciation!

I will put the 100% percent fully working exe file later on when i got the nice free server to host it. I will post including the link to other flash presentation/invitation i have made..


My style

"What i love the most are surprises!" - nevins manafe

  • Surprise me with what are you folks going to trade my skills with..
  • Barter my work according to your personal appriciation level
  • Let both of us have fun in each project
  • Charity projects will be really acceptable for me to help, just barter it with good times that all of us can have
  • I negotiate only with people who can appriciate and give high motivation during the projects
  • Try me..

Flash Wedding Invitation for a Jacket

I made a flash presentation about the wedding of my friend Andrea Chiaborelli from Italy and Nenni from Indonesia, both of them working for Saipem Indonesia. Its a complete executable program with pictures and the wedding ceremonial + reception address. There is also a poem made by TJ inside that digital invitation. They happilly sent that invitation to all their relatives and friends all over the world. Im proud to help them. Infact im doing it for free, but later on they gave me a really nice Jacket made of Jeans. Hope both of u will find happiness forever and ever. Best wishes from your old programmer friend over here..

- "Sometimes to help nice people are PRICELESS! I even want to make things for them freely.. coz they barter it with the happiness i feel inside my heart." - nevins manafe

Bartering My Design With Hosting Service

I have a friend that want to use my skill in desingning website template. He offer me 300.000 rupiah or around us$30 plus a year hosting service in worth of 200.000 rupiah or around us$20. The hosting size is 50 MB and the bandwith is 10 Gigs. Wow! this kind of stuff really rocks man.. im waiting for another barter skill trade..

how happy am i to have this idea work for me..

it will work for u as well i believe!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Specially made to show all of us how powerfull this idea about bartering skills are.. Im doing website designing and other freelance stuff, but there are problems come in the way. Sometimes people need the skill i have but they cant afford to pay for it. Then yesterday when i attend the seminar of Tung Desem Waringin and Richard Tan i got this idea of bartering my skills with any stuff/offer not only for money..

Its a fun thing to do.. I will write down everything here in this blog about any progress of this idea! I just cant wait to get feedbacks from all of you around the world..